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    Free White Paper: Managing Organization Change in IT Modernization Projects [with Self-Assessment]

    Savvy business leaders understand the challenges—and risks—of implementing new information technology.  This is why it is imperative that leaders do everything they can to support a successful outcome.

    One of the most overlooked components to successful ITM projects is the human component. How will your employees react to the new technology? More importantly, how will you manage them through the prolonged process of transition from one IT system to the next?

    This white paper from Sagitec will:

    • Introduce and explain the concept of Change Management 
    • Explore the risks and impacts of large-scale organizational change on staff and the organization
    • Demonstrate how Change Management initiatives contribute to the successful outcome of ITM projects
    • Allow you to self-assess your organization: are you prepared to manage the change associated with an ITM project?
    Download your free copy our guide to Change Management in ITM projects by completing the form to the right.

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