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HLS Privacy Policy for End-Users

  1. Users are defined as the members who will be sharing the data with third-party applications.

  2. The HealConnect app is a third-party app, which will allow users to:
    1. Search for providers from your in-network directory. Members will be able to filter the providers by using keywords for their needs or by distance and specialty.
    2. Fetch their claims history and clinical data. The clinical data can be used with our health tools like the pregnancy weight tracker. This will also allow the aggregation of data to show members a complete profile.
    3. Share and revoke consent to the HealConnect app. Members can decide what data the app can fetch and utilize.

  3. Users will be able to revoke consent to their data access at any time.
    1. HealConnect app will only be able to access the data sets for which the member has granted access.
    2. The user can revoke the data access by going to “Revoke Access” section in the side menu and de-selecting the data sets.
    3. The data accessed by HealConnect app will include PHI. The PHI data is secured while in transmission.
    4. The user can uninstall the HealConnect app at any time without any restriction and loss of rights.

  4. The HealConnect app will collect the following data about the user:
    1. User device type
    2. User device location – user can decide to grant/revoke location permissions

  5. Sagitec will not share your information with third parties without your permission, other than for the purposes stated in this policy. We do not sell, rent or lease its user data to third parties.

  6. Sagitec may use various service providers to manage our app and provide services such as host application servers. Any services providers must enter into contracts with us that restrict what they can do with your personal information.