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HealConnect Helps Medicaid Organizations Improve Member Engagement & Overall Health

HealConnect is a Web Application that Effectively Engages Patients, Improves Their Overall Health And Encourages Medicaid Members To Actively Participate In Your Programs.










Helping Serve Medicaid Communities & Members

state medicaid

We help State Medicaid organizations manage customer support, run integrated care programs, and allow members to manage their health.

commercial Medicated

MCOs can manage member re-certification, improve awareness, and utilization of member benefits, improve HEDIS measures and allow members to manage their health.


Challenges We Address

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Managed Care Organizations (MCO)

Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCO) are facing several challenges such as a balancing act between tighter budgets, benefits coordination, paying timely claims to providers, legislation changes, and escalating costs.

High administrative costs due to incorrect addresses, members not re-certifying, and high call volumes

Manage member risk liabilities with capitated premiums while providers charge a fee for service

Siloed care management while most members have concurrent conditions - asthma, diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy, and obesity

Health impacts of social determinants like housing, food, and employment

Low awareness of benefits, with members struggling to understand how their plan works


State Medicaid Organizations

Members can get notified about core benefits, Value Added Services (VAS) & Health Literacy

Members can get to know more about Providers (providers near them), community resources (food banks, farmers markets, health fairs), chat (offline/live) and on-demand scheduling for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT)

Schedule, inform, manage and measure events like prenatal or childbirth classes. Create and manage both live and virtual events

Track medication compliance, schedule annual check-ups and doctor visits, conduct periodic assessments, screenings and impact HEDIS measures

"Immediate“ electronic rewards for desired behavior through vendor integration (for example, rewards show up in the app immediately after completing a wellness exam or attending a meeting)

Address validation, re-certification, electronic cards, chat for common questions


Medicaid Engagement Software



Benefits & Features

Re-certification checklist

Analytics to identify at-risk members, perform address validation, reminders for renewing, assist with re-certification checklist, and referral to community partners for application completion.

Access to community resources

Location-based access to food banks, farmers markets, and community partners. Provide information (hours open, services provided) and direction to resources from member’s home.

Chat for live and async communication

Chat enables answering of “small questions” rather than calling customer service. Chat bot for frequently asked questions and triage to customer advocate for questions not answerable by the bot.

Reward configuration and delivery

Ability to configure activities/tasks for rewards and deliver gift cards or points electronically.

FHIR and HITRUST ready

Integration to EMR for appointment scheduling and other interactions through FHIR. Hosted on Microsoft Azure that is HITRUST certified.

Visit scheduling and reminders

Assist in scheduling appointments, deliver reminders, and perform electronic visit verification for rewards.

Content and tools for managing health conditions

Disease-specific content and tools for managing health conditions like pregnancy weight estimator.

Device integration to track at- home vitals

Integration with a digital scale, glucometer and blood pressure cuff. Rules can be configured on tracked vitals to deliver appropriate interventions.

Care plan management and personalization

Automated provisioning of care plans and personalization of care plan based on member attributes or behavior.

Health compliance tracking

Tracking of medication adherence, sleep, diet, and activity through a mobile app.

Mobile app/SMS for notifications

Deliver reminders through in-app notifications and SMS.

Assessment library

Library of assessments for behavioral and chronic conditions.

Manage live and virtual events for health education

Scheduling, inviting, reminding, and tracking attendance of members at health education events is automated. Virtual events can also be created and managed for health education. Electronic visit verification of attendees.


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Client Testimonials

“Sagitec has demonstrated that it is embracing Microsoft’s cloud-first mindset to provide public sector agencies the tools they need to create and deliver transformational solutions.”

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Michael Donlin
VP, Microsoft

"A major deciding factor in selecting Sagitec was their flexible and innovative approach. They are unique among the IT solution providers. They are implementing the system the way that we feel is right for us, rather than forcing us into something that just doesn't quite fit.” 

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John Oliver

"Our business relationship with Sagitec continues to grow through the successful implementation of the Mobile App. The result, PERSLink Member Self Service (MSS) Mobile App, fortifies our relationship with our clients, establishing NDPERS as a pioneer in connecting with our community while on the go."

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Sharmain Dschaak


Our Founders

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CJ Ravi Sankar



Laks Saravanan



Are you ready to get started? Get your free trial by entering your info on the form. Our HealConnect expert will get in touch with you soon to give you a custom demo and access to the Medicaid Engagement Application.

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