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Back to Office with Confidence

Bring Your Employees Back to the Office Safely


Do you have a plan to bring your employees back to work safely?

As businesses reopen after COVID-19 quarantines, returning to the office comes with its own set of challenges. How many employees can be in the office? When should offices and common areas be cleaned and disinfected? What does social distancing look like at work? How else can we best protect employee health and safety?

We will help you create and manage a tailored recovery plan that ensures the safe and efficient continuity of your business operations. It will help you establish procedures for employee screening, office scheduling and access to the workplace.


Do you have separate policies for different employee groups and offices?

Some of your employees may have to visit customers on-site while others either work from the office or from home. One of your office locations could be near a virus hotspot, but another in a low risk area. Balancing these situations could mean the difference in reducing employee exposure.

Policies for employee groups must address strategies to reduce the risk of infection. Cohorts can be created based on characteristics like office location, department, or job function. Unique, cohort level policies can be established across your organization. Giving employees direct access to these guidelines can help ensure their compliance. Our solution enables you achieve this while also providing a platform to share updated policies quickly to impacted employees.

Have you set up screening procedures for employees going into the office?

Employees who feel fine may still be carriers of the virus. One contagious individual could threaten your entire workforce. Don’t put your business operations or your employees’ health at risk by neglecting screening procedures.

Checking for symptoms, in compliance with CDC guidelines, prior to giving employees full office access can help boost morale and safety significantly. Offering employees the tools to conduct self-screening on a smartphone or laptop while at home through our solution lowers the exposure risk for everyone.


How can you schedule office occupancy to avoid overcrowding?

To ensure social distancing at office, occupancy needs to be managed. Where employees sit, work, and interact needs to be accounted and planned.

Our system supports streamlined planning for cohort scheduling, capacity thresholds, and related scheduling strategies. In the event of an employee exhibiting positive symptoms, we can help you react quickly by notifying exposed cohorts, sharing information, and restricting access to non-viral individuals.

How can you ensure employee compliance to the new policies?

Adhering to safety guidelines helps make the workplace safer – but only if they are followed by everyone. Education and adaptation have to be a key focus for employers allowing individuals coming back to work.

Our recovery plan rolls out company-wide employee training that is designed to ensure completion. Built with compliance in mind, electronic consent will be gathered for the new policies and all screening data will be stored in a HIPAA compliant, PHI protected HITRUST certified environment.


Sagitec Back to Office is Built for the Enterprise


Office Access

Employees get a boarding pass for office access after completing check-in.



HIPAA Compliant, PHI Protected, adherence to NIST 800-53.


Premium Support

For onboarding and continued success.



Support multiple languages.

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