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Case Study: Take the Complexity Out of Unemployment Insurance Consortium Projects

Read this case study to understand how Sagitec Solutions helped the Maryland and West Virginia Consortium (MWC) to modernize their UI tax, benefits, and appeals systems.


Separate Business Rules from Application Code

Make system scalable for future changes.


Rapid Deployment

Do away with building redundant architectural components.

Continuous Technology Evolution

Mitigate technology obsolescence.


In preparation for our UI modernization efforts, we reached out to several different vendors and are extremely happy to have chosen Sagitec as our vendor. Sagitec's project team has proven to be talented, seasoned, and professional, and we have been very fortunate to have the Sagitec team on site here in South Carolina.

Jaime Suber
Executive Project Sponsor – UI Tax Modernization Project, South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW)

We are very fortunate to have the team on-site working together with us. That was a critical part of our success as partners. They worked in our culture on a daily basis and became part of us. These were the types of things Sagitec was willing to do for us.

Neil Adcox
Executive Project Sponsor – SUITS Project, South Carolina Deparment of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW)

I am sure it is all too often that you hear only complaints from employers and industries, so I wanted to take the time to call out [Mr. Minkkinen] and Sagitec’s cooperation in this implementation. It has helped to make them a vendor of choice for future state implementations.

Patrick Holmes
Associate Director – Department of Employment Services (DOES)

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