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Sagitec employees volunteer across the United States

More than 50 Sagitec employees located at various offices across the United States participated in a day of giving to help feed people in need within their communities. Sagitec Solutions’ leadership believes that the company should be more than just a leader in developing innovative IT solutions – it should also be a positive influence within the community. This notion is underscored in one of the company’s core values, which states “Be bigger than ourselves.” Specifically, Sagitec is a company that believes in contributing to the communities in which the company operates; to see things from different perspectives; and to do more than is expected.


Top 3 Reasons why your Pension Agency should consider MOBIAS

MOBIAS Pension is a mobile app that provides your members access to their pension accounts via a downloadable application. MOBIAS differs from a traditional member web portal in that it offers mobile-optimized account access with the integrated native features of a mobile phone (i.e. camera, GPS, phone, email, etc.).  With MOBIAS, the power of self-service is at your member’s fingertips, allowing them to access and update their information anytime, anywhere.


Five Mistakes to Avoid when Designing your Pension Administration System

It’s easy to get caught up in the possibilities when it comes to designing your new pension administration system. And of course, you want to make sure that your new system makes up for the inadequacies of your old one. However, fixating too heavily on such details can lead the system design process astray.


What is the Sagitec Framework?

The Sagitec Framework™ provides the foundation upon which Sagitec’s benefit management solutions, Neospin™ and Neosurance™, are built. It is a domain-neutral technology architecture designed to mitigate the risk of technical obsolescence and simultaneously respond to rapidly changing business requirements.


Five reasons why pension agencies need to evolve their IT infrastructure

Are you contemplating whether to invest in a new pension administration solution? If so, this blog will provide you with compelling reasons why you should make a strategic investment in your IT infrastructure.


What is the difference between data conversion and data cleansing?

  • Christina Kalinowski
  • Thu, May 12, 2016
  • FAQ

Data conversion is the process of transforming data from one format to another. While the definition of data conversion may be straightforward, the process itself isn’t. Converting data can be a challenging process; it involves extracting data from its original source, transforming the data into the desired format, and finally, loading the data into a new location.


Why are there so many PIRs? In Defense of the Defect Ratio

In a perfect world, a newly implemented software system would go-live with no PIRs (Problem Incident Reports). And everything would look and function exactly how the client had envisioned - flawlessly. Surely, an understandable aspiration; however, let’s look at whether or not that is a realistic expectation.


Three Things You Should Know About MVVM and Your Neospin™ Pension Administration Solution

MVVM – short for Model-View-ViewModel – is an architecture pattern that takes advantage of its user’s device capabilities and browser memory to improve application performance. This results in a better user interface experience for the user.


Sagitec is a proud sponsor of the 2016 PRISM conference

Sagitec Solutions is gearing up for the annual Public Retirement Information Systems Management (PRISM) conference April 24-27 in Austin, Texas. This year’s conference theme, Adapt to Survive and Thrive, will surely generate interesting and thought-provoking discussions about how technology can improve public pension systems.


Sagitec Solutions is helping people with disabilities gain employment opportunities

Sagitec's donation of 10 computers is helping CAN DO assist even more individuals in need.

Sagitec Solutions recently donated 10 desktop computers to CAN DO, a non-profit organization that provides skills and employment training to people with disabilities in Chennai, India.  The computers, which are being used by individuals with hearing, visual, intellectual or motor disabilities, represents CAN DO’s first donation since launching in 2012, said the organization’s founder Anu Shekar.