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Company Overview



Sagitec’s Neospin™ pension administration software is a fully integrated, browser-based software system with comprehensive functionality for administering pension benefits. Since 2004, our Neospin™ pension administration software has helped public and private pension funds enhance service capabilities, lower operating costs, stave off technical obsolescence, and respond to complex, frequently changing business requirements. Supported by our underlying .NET software framework, Neospin™ is a dynamic IT solution with unmatched flexibility to grow, adapt, and evolve.


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Sagitec’s Neosurance™ solution is a fully integrated, browser-based application providing comprehensive functionality for Unemployment Insurance (UI) Tax, Benefits and Appeals administration. Neosurance™, out of the box meets at least 70% of any state business requirements and is designed to be easily tailored to meet each agency’s unique needs without complex software programming.


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Neofraud™ is a fully integrated, browser-based software system with comprehensive functionality designed for predictive fraud detection in unemployment insurance tax and benefits solutions.


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Member interactions will never be the same. Sagitec presents MOBIAS – a mobile application framework designed to help your members access data from a mobile device. MOBIAS offers you a rich set of business and technical capabilities that make it easier than ever to build, deliver, support, and maintain a mobile self-service solution.


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It is a technology enabler that builds a continuous learning culture and promotes knowledge-driven organizations. With Knowtion™, institutional knowledge is not lost, but built.


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HealHub™ is a DataOps platform for pharmaceutical and medical device companies that fosters real time collaboration between data analysts and the operations teams. It streamlines quality information from multiple sources for increased insight and revenue streams.


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HealConnect, an enterprise grade platform for the healthcare eco-system, is geared to engage patients efficiently and improve the overall health of a patient. The platform helps patients focus on “activities” that are under a patient’s control rather than clinical outcomes.


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Project Management

Sagitec understands the importance of effective project management and leadership. Reliable project management greatly reduces the risk of failure, facilitates quality throughout the system development process, and imposes accountability into the daily activities of the project team.

Change Management

Sagitec recognizes that cutting edge technology is only part of what makes a large-scale system implementation successful. To truly transform your organization for the better, a solution must be championed by its users. Sagitec’s change management services are designed to address this “human component” of your project by establishing a foundation of sponsors who approach transition with excitement and take full ownership of their new solution. Our services will guide you from your current business environment to the one you desire.

Training & Development

Sagitec understands that a solution is only as effective as your ability to use it. To make the leap from designing a great application to leveraging that design, Sagitec offers robust training and development services for your staff and external stakeholders. Our services fill the knowledge gap between the old and the new, allowing users to hit the ground running on the first day after transition.

Enterprise Content Management

Sagitec understands the importance of effective and streamlined document storage. A reliable solution that allows you to efficiently capture, archive and access documents greatly reduces risks while simultaneously improving your bottom line.

Support Services

Sagitec offers a variety of maintenance and support options to suit any organization’s specific needs, vision, and technical competencies. We offer everything from basic framework upgrades to value-added services like application development outsourcing, infrastructure modifications, and other unique services tailored to your organization.

Microsoft Azure Government

Our Microsoft Azure Government platform enables us to deliver software expeditiously, securely, flexibly and reliably. As a longtime Microsoft partner, Sagitec offers the benefits of a proven Hosted Services relationship, and the experience providing successful government-focused services that are Cloud-based and secure.


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